Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Walking and MP3s

An MP3 player is a worthy investment for a new mother in my estimation. When reading is difficult because of fatigue and time constraints, listening to edifying sermons and lectures is extremely helpful.

One of my favorite practices when I'm feeling bogged down and babied-out, is to buckle my son into his stroller and go for a nice long walk with my MP3 player in hand. There is something about the combination of fresh air, sunshine (ideally), and exercise, combined with mental stimulation that I find very helpful. And its benefits seem to last for hours after I return home.

I know some women find it helpful to listen to something while doing dishes or other chores, but I find find that I am too distracted by my son or my activity to really benefit. Whereas when I walk, my son is buckled in (and usually mellowed out) and I am free to concentrate on what is being said.

Some of the audio files that I have enjoyed listening to recently are:

Carl Trueman's lectures on Sermon Audio. Specifically, John Owen on God, John Owen on Christ, and John Owen on the Holy Spirit.

Joel Beeke's series on marriage, also found at Sermon Audio.

David Wells' lectures on The Gospel in Contemporary Culture part 1, part 2 and part 3, found at the Desiring God website.

D. A. Carson's lectures given at the University Reformed Church Institute on The Reliability of the New Testament and the Emergent Church.

Frank James' Virtual Course in Church History found at RTS on iTunesU for free.

Kenneth Maresco's lecures on parenting found at the Covenant Life Church website.

Here is a starting point anyway. With such a vast wealth of helpful lectures available online, why not utilize these resources to feed the weary woman's mind and encourage her heart. Enjoy!


Justin G said...

This sounds like good solid practical advice. I do have an mp3 player (that I just need to figure out how to use - I really need to get with the times!, a great stroller, and the weather is really starting to get beautiful. So I have no exuse! I'll definitely check out some of the ones you have mentioned.
love, Elisha

Higher Voltage said...

Thanks for all the links Christel. I like to listen while I sew at night, If Jimmy is at a meeting or something. If Clara is up she talks pretty much non stop.
I often don't know where to start looking for something to listen.
I'm loving your posts--thanks for the encouragement.

Erin said...

All of you suggestions are very helpful. Now I just need to learn how to download on my MP3 Player! :)